Front Bumper is Falling Off; What Can You Do?

A bumper is a vital part of your vehicle as it helps you to protect the car when a collision happens. It acts like a shield to protect your car’s hood, fuel, cooling system, etc. So imagine what would happen if the bumper were damaged.

Front bumper falling off is one of the complications you might encounter when you own a car. In this article, let’s explore how this problem occurs and what solutions you have to fix the issue. If you are also experiencing a similar matter, read this to understand what you should do next.

Why Does My Bumper Fall Off?

Front Bumper is Falling Off

It is expected that vehicle bumpers to become loose after some time. When this happens, your car will lose the considerable protection it has. However, you have a solution for this—several reasons cause this bumper to fall off.

Broken Bolt Hole

There is the possibility that the bolt holes to rip away when an impact happens. Or else there can be manufacture defects too (in rare cases). As a result, the bolts won’t be able to hold any longer. And the bumper separates from the frame.


Did you know that some car bumpers are fixed to the frame with clips? They break easily. So when a minor impact happens, you might have to bear the trouble of the bumper falling off. And there are parts called clip mounts too. They are to attach the clips to your bumper. And these mounts are also made of plastic. Hence, they also break easily.

Apart from these reasons, aging, wear and tear, and severe/minor collisions also can cause your bumper to fall off.

Can I Ride With a Falling Front Bumper?

The first reminder we’d like to give is that it is always advisable to repair or replace your car bumper. The replacement or repair depends on the damage that has happened. For instance, if your bumper has loosened and it touches one of your tyres, you must immediately repair it. Besides, there can be occasions where the bumper protrudes.

In such an instance, it can be a nuisance to the other drivers and passengers on the road. Therefore, in both these instances, you must repair or replace the bumper. Even though the damage is slight and doesn’t seem to bother you or others, when a collision happens, it will not protect the car. Therefore, by all means, it is better to repair or replace the car bumper.

What To Do When Your Car’s Front Bumper Falls Off?

First, check whether the issue is a minor or a major one. If it is minor, you might be able to fix it yourself. Moreover, you must identify the reason for such falling off. The reason could be anyone from the ones mentioned earlier. Sometimes, if the issue is minor, you can push the bumper back and fix it with the loosened clips. Try doing so.

In contrast, if it seems beyond your control, you must take the car/vehicle for repair.

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The Process of Repairing a Falling Front Bumper

Front Bumper is Falling Off
  1. First of all, you must park your car on the ground level. And don’t forget to apply parking brakes. That will protect your vehicle from any possible damage during the repair process.
  2. Next, ensure that you have got all the tools and materials. For instance, to repair a car bumper, you need the following.
  • Painter’sPainter’s tape
  • Pair of gloves
  • Duct tape
  • A plastic knife
  • Adhesive

3. As the next step, you must check whether the quarter panel and car bumper have been appropriately positioned. Moreover, the seam should be consistent.

4.After, make ready your bumper with the painter’spainter’s tape. And apply it around the seam’s shoulder. The tape is to protect your surrounding surface.

5.Now see where the clips have broken down. And apply the adhesive to such places. Moreover, when applying the glue, remember to use it more as it ensures the repair will last.

6.Next, apply the adhesive inside the contact points seam. To that end, you should pull the bumper back.

7.Next, you should do applying duct tape. The purpose of this step is to bring the seam a bit closer to what it used to be before.

8.After the adhesive is dry enough, remove the duct tape.

The Process of Replacing a Front Bumper  

You must go for a replacement of the front bumper when it is beyond repair. Otherwise, you are making a danger for yourself and others on the road. 

The following is the process of doing it. 

  1. First, ensure you have all the necessary materials for this. 
  2. Raise the car using your car jack. 
  3. Next, remove the bolts and keep them where you can find them later. The reason is they can misplace easily. 
  4. After, disconnect the electrical connectors of the fog lights. And remove the bumper. 
  5. Now, you can fasten the new car bumper. Make sure to place it correctly and fix the clips in the proper places. 
  6. Double-check the bolts. 
  7. Now all is set with your new car bumper!

How Much to Repair a Falling Front Bumper?

The average amount you have to spend would be $100-$1000. The price varies according to the model of your vehicle and the nature of the damage sustained by your bumper. Also, when you go to a professional to get the job done, labor costs are also added. 

Final Words 

As you see, the front bumper falling off your vehicle can happen for several reasons. One such reason is the loose bolts and clips. Apart from that, aging, collision, and tear and wear also are reasons for front bumpers to fall off. Even though many don’t care about slight damage to front bumpers, it will entirely fall off over time.

Therefore, repairing or replacing the front bumper is an essential fact. That ensures both your safety and others’ safety. And fixing a fallen front bumper can be done by yourself only if you have the necessary tools. Otherwise, you must seek the assistance of a professional. 

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Can a bumper fall off while driving?

Yes. It can occur because of several reasons. Sometimes, you may not notice any loosened bolts in your front bumper. As a result, when the vehicle jerks or when you drive fast, the bumper can fall off.
In addition, if you don’t pay attention to the damaged bumper, the also bumper can fall off while driving. When you move, external pressure comes and sometimes the vehicles jerks. Therefore, there is a possibility that the bumper falls off while driving.

Is it better to replace or repair a bumper? 

If it is a minor issue, you can repair it. However, if it is a major one that can bring hazards, you must replace it. So the decision depends on the nature of the damage. 

What hold the front bumper in place?

It is the bumper bracket. It helps your car bumper to stay firmly. Therefore, check whether these bumper brackets are intact if a collision happens. If they are damaged, it would be better if you could replace them for your safety. And also for other people’s safety. 



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