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Even if you are a mechanic, knowing torque wrench ½ vs. ⅜ will come in handy. If you are a mechanic, you may need to use your torch wrench for most of your day. So, having the best one is good for you because you can conduct your daily tasks in the garage without an issue. 

Since the battle goes between ⅜ vs. ½ torque wrench, it cannot be very clear to many of you. For your information, both these wrenches have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you may have to go through a complex process when you are going to select one. In this article, we will be discussing the topic ⅜ vs. ½ torque wrench. So you can decide which suits you better. 

⅜ vs ½ Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench

There are several factors based on what we can analyze in the topic ⅜ vs ½ Torque Wrench. 

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Best Torque Wrench? $450 Snap On vs Craftsman, ICON, Kobalt, DeWalt, SK Tools, Proto, Wera


Let’s first look at the cost of these two wrenches. Typically, ½ twist is more expensive than the other one. Their high price is the higher capacity and the large size. Therefore, ½ torque wrenches can deal with heavier parts without giving much trouble to the mechanic. 


When it comes to power that can be handled, again, the ½ torque wrench wins. The reason for that is that a ½ torque wrench has a more powerful motor when compared to the ⅜ one. As a result, you can remove rusted bolts easily using a ½ torque wrench. 

Moreover, the maximum torque released by ⅜ torque wrench is 90/100 ft/lbs. On the other hand, a ½ torque wrench delivers 300 ft/lbs as maximum power. So, if you have to deal with short bolts and nuts, we recommend ½ one. 


Now you know that ½ torque wrench is more suitable for handling heavier and more powerful parts. It is because that ½ torque wrench is larger in size.

However, if you want to work in smaller places, we don’t recommend ½ wrench. The reason is that it isn’t portable. On the other hand, ⅜ one is smaller. As a result, you can handle it easily at any place. 

Size and weight

When it comes to the size and weight of these wrenches, there are two distinctions. 

One is the weight.  Accordingly, ½ torque wrench has a heavier battery and a motor.  As a result, the ½ torque wrenches are, when taken overall, heavy.  The weight of ½ wrenches is about 7 pounds, whereas 3/8 one weighs around 2 lbs.  It is a considerable difference. 

The other difference is in the tools.  Since ½ torque wrenches are powerful and bulky, they deliver more torque.  However, 3/8 wrenches are smaller.  Hence, they are more suitable for smaller working areas. 


Regarding the design, both ½ and 3/8 wrenches are equal. Both of their designs are made in a way that the users can use comfortably. Besides, both wrenches have ergonomic characteristics. And the comfortable rubber grip and the LED lights are convenient for users. Therefore, overall, both ½ and 3/8 are excellent in design. 


Another factor that we can use to compare 3/8 vs. ½ torque wrenches is precision. Among the two wrenches, the 3/8 one has more precision because it is smaller. As a result, you can handle and work with it quickly. Accordingly, you will experience more convenience when you remove nuts and bolts using a 3/8 torque wrench. 

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⅜ vs ½ Torque Wrench

Type of Wrench1/23/8
Motor Powerful Less powerful than the ½ one
Bulk Bigger Smaller 
Functionality Spacious places Smaller places 
Precision Less precision More precision 
Design Comfortable Comfortable 
⅜ vs ½ Torque Wrench

Which Wrench Is Better? ½ Or ⅜ ?

Torque Wrench ½ vs ⅜

There is no doubt that ½ torque wrench is up to industry standards. Therefore, it is suitable for all mechanics. Because of its powerful nature, many mechanics don’t care about the weight or the size of this wrench. Apart from that, ½ wrench is more durable and stronger. So overall, ½ torque wrench is the best option. 

But still, if you are working at a smaller place and don’t like heavy wrenches, ⅜ would be your go-to option. 


⅜ vs. ½ torque wrench is an important topic when you don’t know the better one to select. After considering the factors like design, precision, size and weight, power, and functionality, it can be identified that ½ wrench is up to industry standards. However, ⅜ is better for working in smaller spaces as it is smaller. Moreover, when it comes to design, both ½ and ⅜ have a comfortable design. 

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What is the difference between ½ and ⅜ torque wrench? 

⅜ torque wrench is more suitable when you are dealing with small nuts and bolts. On the other hand, ½ one is suitable for larger nuts and bolts. 

What is a ⅜ torque wrench used for? 

⅜ wrench is used mainly for engine works. Apart from that, mechanics use this drive for socket sets too. Moreover, this wrench is helpful when it comes to oversized bolts and nuts in small vehicles. 

Should I get a ½ or ⅜ wrench to remove lug nuts?

The answer to this question changes according to the amount of torque that you need. If you are handling rusty or tough lug nuts, the best option is ½ torque wrench. 

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