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If you want to know how much to paint a car door, here are the 2023 estimations of prices. Painting your car door can enhance the value of your car. Accordingly, you can paint your car door in two ways. One is taking the car to professionals to get the job done. The other method is DIY. We will guide you there if you don’t know how to paint a car door.

he essential thing you need to know when you paint a car door is that several things can add to the total cost. Labor cost is one such thing. The average amount you spend on painting your car door is $200- $1000. But this can vary according to the model and condition of your car. So let’s dive into how much it costs to paint a car door. 

Can I Paint A Car Door At Less Cost?

Cost to Paint Car Door

While searching for how much to paint a car door, you might always think of ways to do it at less cost. To that end, you can paint the car door by yourself. Don’t worry. You don’t have to be an expert. We are here to guide you. 

If your car door is 6-10 square feet, a little paint can is sufficient for this task. An 8-ounce can is enough. Moreover, you might need a paint gun too. These are available in local hardware shops and online markets. Apart from that, if the car door isn’t already painted, you should buy a prime coat too. Besides, a clear coat and base coat are needed. The average cost for both would be $40. 

Altogether, everything I mentioned here will cost you a minimum of $100. So, this is the estimated cost to paint a car door if you do it yourself.

The following tools can be handy when you get ready to paint your car door without professional help. And it will save you money. 

Paint Sprayer for Motor Vehicles 

This tool isn’t expensive. And they are also readily available. Moreover, if you already possess an air compressor, you can buy this for a low price.

Body Filler 

Your car door might have imperfections. So you can use a body filler to cover all those places. Then it would be best if you smoothed them before you paint your car door. 


Once you finish grinding off the paint using sandpaper, clean the dust using pressurized air. There are different types of sandpaper—for example, 80-grit sandpaper and 200-grit sandpaper. The former is coarse. And you can use them to remove the paint until you encounter the car’s metal. The latter comprises wet sand and will give your car door a better look. 

Painter Masker and Drop Cloth 

When you paint your car door, you can’t avoid the importance of covering other spaces around you. Thus, the painter masker is for covering the car’s other spaces. And drop cloth is to covering floor and other places. That prevents the paint from getting in contact with those places. 

In addition to all this stuff, you must get quality paint. That will help you to get a more satisfied final look at your car door. 

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How Much to Paint a Car Door By Hiring A Professional? 

When you hire a professional for this task, the cost will be expensive. There are several additional charges that you must bear, including labor costs. 

Moreover, there are several types of professional paint for car doors. 

Low-end Paint 

For this kind of paint, you need $200-$400. What happens in this paint job is the paint color and the clear coat will be combined. 

Mid-Range Paint 

This type of paint involves more work than low-end paint. For example, the professional will remove rust before painting the car door. For this type of painting, you need $300-$700. Moreover, this type of paint gives the car door a better look. And the paint will be more durable. 

High-End Paint 

This type of paint job is usually a next-level painting job. Compared to the previous two paint jobs, this involves more advanced work. For example, it is removing the previous paint and going through the process step by step without skipping any of it.

Moreover, the professional usually uses 20 coats of urethane paint in this painting. After that comes 6-8 coats of clear coat, since this paint involves much work and effort from the professional, you must be ready to pay $800

Labor Cost 

When you go for a professional to get your car door painted, labor cost is a must-pay. The usual charge per hour is $50-$100. The average time taken to paint the car door is 3 hours. Remember, this time depends on the scale of your car. 

Moreover, most professionals calculate the charge per square foot of your car door. Typically, a car door is 9 square feet. And this calculation includes the width of the window as well. So when you subtract it, the total area will be 6 square feet. 

Which Is Better?: DIY Or Professional Work?

Cost to Paint Car Door

When you search for how much to paint a car door, you might think of the cheapest way possible. And that is usual. Even though you can paint your car yourself, if you don’t have a single idea about vehicles and painting, we don’t recommend the DIY method. Indeed it saves you money a lot of money. But if you go wrong in the painting process, you might have to bear an additional loss you aren’t supposed to encounter. Therefore, first, estimate your capabilities. 

Though it costs a considerable sum, professional painting is the best we can suggest for you. Moreover, when you get the car door paint done by a professional, it lasts longer. So DIY method is only for car owners who have a piece of good knowledge about vehicle painting and repairing.

Final Words 

We know that everyone wants to save money. So if you are someone who is searching for how much to paint a car door, the average amount you have to pay is $200-$1000. If you do it yourself, this can decrease up to $100. Even though that sounds great, we have some advice. If you can afford a professional car door paint job, go for it.

Besides, if you don’t have the slightest idea about car doors, painting, and vehicle repair, don’t go for the DIY method. If you go wrong while in the process, redress the damage will cost a considerable amount. The DIY method is only for those who have an idea about this. Otherwise, we strongly recommend you go for an expert. 

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Is it worth getting a paint job on the car door?

Yes. Painting your car door adds value to it. So it is like an investment in your car. If you have an old car, painting its door can increase its market value. Apart from that, a car door usually takes the attention of everybody. If there are imperfections on it, you won’t be very confident driving your car either. 

How long does a repainted car door last?

The average time is 15 years. However, it can last that long only if you take care of it. The door will lose all the glamor if exposed to harmful elements and accidents. Don’t let your car sit under sunlight for long hours. Apart from that, acidic things also can damage the paint. 

Why is it too expensive to paint a car door?

If you take your car to a professional, you must pay an enormous amount. However, the process of car door painting isn’t easy. When you take it to a professional, they will do the painting by going through all the steps. In addition, the labor cost will also apply. Because of these reasons, usually painting a car door is expensive. 

Why Does it Cost So Much to Paint a Car

Why Does it Cost So Much to Paint a Car

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