How Long Do Car Repairs Take? Must Read

If you are a vehicle owner, the need for vehicle repair is an inevitable factor. However, if you are worrying about the duration of the repair, we should say that many factors decide the time. But don’t worry. Here we will guide you to those facts and how to estimate the time taken to repair your car.

There can be occasions where you get into accidents and collisions while driving. Moreover, due to wear and tear, cars and other vehicles fall into a repairable status. On any of these occasions, the type of your car, the nature of the damage, the time to claim insurance, and the auto body shop you go to are several deciding factors.

Sometimes, your car repair process can take months or weeks. Or else it could be a work of just a couple of days. So, to know how long car repairs take, read this until its end. You will get all things sorted at the end.

Factors That Can Delay The Car Repair Process

How Long Do Car Repairs Take
  1. The primary issue we can give is the absence of mechanics at your auto body shop. The mechanic who was appointed for your vehicle might have been sick. Or else there might be an emergency on his side.
  2. Sometimes, the damage might be more severe than it appeared at first. So during the repair process, the professionals might find other parts to be repaired. That delays the entire process more.
  3. Another common issue experienced by car owners is when their insurance provider fails to pay on time.
  4. Moreover, if your car is a foreign model, the parts for the repair might be challenging to find. That, too, causes a considerable delay.

What To Do When the Car Repair Gets Delayed?

It is usual that owners have to go through unreasonable delays when they bring the car for repairs.

One thing you can do when you cannot communicate with the mechanic is to contact your insurance provider. Moreover, contact the insurance provider if you feel the auto body shop you go to first isn’t capable enough to do the job.

Moreover, when you need replacement parts, you can request the insurance provider to pay for them. However, remember, this can be impossible too.

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How to Estimate the Time Taken for a Car Repair

How Long Do Car Repairs Take

Before the repair starts, an estimation of the duration is vital. First of all, the assessment of damage is essential. Accordingly, if it is a minor scratch or a few dents, such damage can be repairable within 1 hour. On the other hand, if the damage is severe, then the process takes much longer. The more damage, the more it will take time.

That isn’t all about estimating the time for car repair. Usually, when you go to repair your car, the professional will do a thorough examination. And they document all the damages that need to go for the repair. After analyzing all these, only they come to a conclusion. Accordingly, the more significant the damage, the longer it will take to estimate the duration and the cost.

Furthermore, we should say this too. Sometimes, you may get your vehicle repaired sooner than you expect.

The following is the estimated time duration for several parts of your car

Minor dents in the body – 1-2 days

Bumper damage- 1 day

Windshield damage- 1 day

Replacing internal parts- 2 weeks

Damage in multiple areas- more than a month

Likewise, the place of damage is a factor in deciding the time taken for your car repair.

Time Taken For A Minor Repair Of A Car

If your car has a few scratch marks, then don’t worry. You can get the repair done within a couple of hours. Or sometimes, it may take at least two to three days, depending on the auto body shop you go to. If they have a long queue of customers, then you have to be patient.

Time Taken For A Major Repair Of A Car

If your car has sustained considerable damage, the repair process might need a longer time. Moreover, you might have to wait until your insurance service provider’s approval. In addition, sometimes there is the issue of a lack of parts needed for the repair. If there is a delay in the delivery of features, that too becomes a reason for delay.

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Final Words

As you see, the time duration taken for a car repair is not a fixed one. It depends on various factors. For example, the extent of damage, the auto body shop, the car’s model, the car’s age, the insurance claim, and the part of your car where the injury happened. Sometimes, you can get the repair done within a day, whereas sometimes, it might go up to months.


How long does it take to fix a car door?

The average time taken for a car door repair is 2 hours. This time can vary slightly according to the availability of parts of your vehicle. Apart from that, the time may go further than that if the damage is extensive.

How long does it take to fix a car bumper?

The average time is 1-3 days. If there are only minor dents and scratches, you can get it done quickly. However, you might have to replace the bumper if the damage is more severe. Depending on the availability of parts, it can take a few days.

Why do mechanics take so long?

Usually, the garages have a lot of workloads. Therefore, if you need meticulous repair to your vehicle, it might take time. First come, first serve is the rule. So you must understand the activities going on in a garage. Moreover, there can be a shortage of mechanics due to various reasons on some days.

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