How Long Does It Take to Rebuild A Transmission?

Rebuilding a transmission is a complex process. It cannot be completed overnight. Before coming to the rebuilding process, many things need to be considered. The mechanics go through careful speculation and examination of factors before deciding what to do. Therefore, it might take a considerable time than you think. 

So in this article, you will learn about the average time to rebuild a transmission. Apart from that, you can understand what includes in the process of rebuilding the transmission and how to understand the condition of your transmission. Consequently, you can estimate the average time for rebuilding a transmission.

Factors That Affect The Rebuilding Time Of A Transmission

How Long Does It Take to Rebuild A Transmission?

As mentioned before, rebuilding a transmission isn’t a straightaway process. There are many factors that decide it. The following is a list of such elements.

  • Availability of parts
  • Identifying the issue
  • Removing parts and ordering parts.
  • Rebuild parts and install the whole system
  • The mechanics

These general factors can reduce or prolong the time taken to rebuild a transmission. Thus, in the process of rebuilding a transmission, the average time taken is estimated at three days.

What Includes In A Transmission Repair

When calculating the time for rebuilding a transmission, identifying the things to be done is important. Accordingly, the most crucial thing is labor. Since rebuilding a transmission is a complex process, a great deal of work is necessary.

First of all, the mechanics remove your transmission. After that, they disassemble the parts of the transmission. Next, buying new parts (if necessary) happens. Finally, the fixing of components and installation process occurs. Though we could bring you this process in a few simple sentences, the actual labor in the shop is a long and tiresome process. Therefore, it can take a day or two to rebuild a transmission.

Apart from that, after completing the process with complex parts, some other things remain. For example, reassembling using gaskets and seals. These are called soft parts in the automotive sector. Moreover, there is one last step. It is replacing the transmission fluid.  

So, to complete all these steps, considerable time is needed.

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The Average Time Needed to Rebuild a Transmission

How Long Does It Take to Rebuild A Transmission?

The average time is 3-5 days. Remember, this time can vary depending on the other circumstances described above. Since rebuilding a transmission usually includes all the parts, you may have to wait three days for the completion.

If you think it is a long time, it saves you a lot of money that you have to spend on a new transmission. The reason is a brand-new transmission is $3000-7000. But you can get it rebuilt for $1000.

How Long For Rebuilding a Manual Transmission

Manual transmission rebuilding takes less time than an automatic transmission. Usually, a day or a couple of days is enough to rebuild it.

This takes less time because manual transmissions have fewer moving parts. Moreover, they don’t cost like automatics. As a result, the repair or rebuilding process is more straightforward.

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How to Rebuild a Manual Transmission

You need to perform the following steps to rebuild a manual transmission. So you can estimate the time you need to rebuild it.

  • First, remove the transmission from your vehicle.
  • Next, examine the connected parts. If you notice any damaged elements, replace them.
  • And now is the time to reinstall the transmission. At this point, check the level of transmission fluid.
  • After, do a lift check to see whether the clutch installation is OK.
  • Finally, you must do a street check of your vehicle.

Final Words

Rebuilding a transmission is a daunting task. Therefore, you must be patient enough to wait at least three days if you want to rebuild the transmission. Moreover, there are several factors that determine the time.

For example, the depth of the damage, availability of parts, the age of the vehicle, and the mechanics. After considering all these facts, you can have an idea about the time you have to wait to rebuild a transmission. However, if you have a manual transmission, the process doesn’t extend like an automatic transmission.


Is transmission rebuild worth it?

On most occasions, rebuilding your transmission is a good option. One reason is replacing a transmission is more expensive than rebuilding a transmission. What you do is, replace only the parts that have been damaged.

How long does a transmission last after rebuilding?

After a rebuilding, you can expect the transmission to last for about 30 000 to 50 000 miles. Moreover, if you maintain it with due care, you can expect a longer time with additional miles.

Can a beginner rebuild a transmission?

As long as the shop has the relevant tools, even a beginner mechanic can rebuild a transmission just like an expert. So you can get it rebuilt even by an amateur. 

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Expert Mechanic Rebuilding 10-Speed Manual Transmission of Hino 1J Truck

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